How often should you be having meetings? We are frequently asked this question, and while one size doesn’t fit all, we strongly recommend that you have a 15-minute meeting every day. Yes, every day!

It need not be the entire office, and you need not discuss every detail of your work schedule. But ideally, you should get the key team members that are responsible for delivery and discuss what you did yesterday, what your priorities and actions are for the day, and what you hope to achieve in the coming days.

The basic points of your discussion can be noted down on a board, be it a dashboard on the wall, a T-card system, or a whiteboard. Hence the name ‘around the board’ meetings. If it’s a fairly complex project, you can even draw diagrams on the wall or use schematics to illustrate your point.

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules to these meetings and you can adapt them to suit your needs. Often they will take place in the morning, but there’s nothing to stop you from holding them in the afternoon. It all depends on the nature of the business and the work you are undertaking.

Why bother?

Taking 15 minutes out of your day might sound like a nuisance, but daily around the board meetings are hugely powerful.


Because it really brings things into focus. It’s all too easy to get buried in the work you are doing, without necessarily thinking about what the rest of your team are up to. By explaining out loud what it is that you’re trying to achieve, and the problems you are facing, you start to collaborate with your colleagues.

Once you begin to collaborate, everything becomes so much more efficient!

Confusion and chatter in the office is reduced because everyone knows what the priorities are for the day. Risks and issues can be readily identified, ensuring the whole team knows what the mitigating actions are. And urgent matters can be expedited. This might happen, for example, if you’re approaching the end of the month (or the end of the quarter/financial year) and you are chasing down a KPI.

Start today

Daily around the board meetings take very little organisation and are something you can implement straightaway.

However, it is important to persevere. You might find that the first meeting takes far longer than 15 minutes. But do not let this deter you! As you continue, the more people will become practiced in what is important, and the quicker these around the board meetings will go. By the end of the week your daily meeting might only take two minutes – yet it will be just as effective.

By holding these daily around the board meetings, you may also find that your weekly operational meetings run much faster and to the agenda, because everyone is familiar with the problems, actions or successes at hand. All in all, it’s sure to increase efficiency and improve collaboration, both of which are central to business success.

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Why Daily ‘Around the Board’ Meetings Help your Business.
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