Tis the season to systemise your business and create those efficiencies

If we look around us in nature, the world is constantly shifting. It’s obvious how the seasons change, as summer fades into a chilly, rainy autumn. But what about the seasons of your business? Do you know how they change throughout the year, and how to manage those changes? Let’s take a look at how you can systemise your business for every month of the year.

Know your business bio-rhythm

Every organisation has a distinct bio-rhythm throughout the typical working year. There are peaks and troughs, highs and lows, busy and slow periods. Depending on your industry and the behaviour of your customers and suppliers, you will have patterns that affect how busy you are and how much money you generate at any given time.

For example, if your core business is to deliver services to the hospitality industry, you may see huge demand in the summer months and around Christmas, but struggle to fill the order books in spring and autumn. Likewise, if you rely heavily on supplies or services from China, you may face delays and disruption around the time of the Chinese New Year in February.

Mitigating the impact

It’s obviously important to understand these patterns and to be able to predict them. But once you do, the next challenge is to manage your operations to mitigate the impact of these shifts.

So – how do we do this? We systemise the business.

Autumn: The perfect time to systemise

Autumn is the perfect time for most businesses to work on systemisation and process improvement, because many of us will typically be facing a stressful few weeks building up to Christmas, followed by a slow period that may last all the way into February. But by looking at ways to optimise productivity and revenue, it’s possible to limit the impact of the fluctuating activity in winter.

Let’s take a look at some of the seasonal challenges we can tackle with the help of process improvement and business systemisation.

–           Handle the pre-Christmas stress

The closer we get to Christmas and New Year, we often feel like we have a thousand things to get done. You want to get those final sales in before the customer “switches off”, you want to get your deliveries sorted before your suppliers close their doors and you want to fulfil orders while balancing staff holidays in a fair way. These are all seasonal headaches that can be controlled by systemising your processes to predict, plan and manage your operations in the smartest way possible.

–           Keep your team productive

Whether you have a large or small team, the worst thing you can do is have people sitting around without enough to do during slow periods. This can be just as damaging as having too much to do when it’s busy. What you want is a solid understanding of how all your human resources are being used and how you can optimise their time, their skills and their knowledge to contribute in the best possible way throughout the whole year.

–           Manage revenue and cashflow

Business systemisation is about more than just improving workflows and processes. It’s about making sure your business is making money – consistently. A systemisation project uncovers the framework of how your business runs and shows how you can make changes to maximise your current revenue. However, this process often also uncovers opportunities for additional revenue streams. It sparks ideas for added services, product innovation and improved margins – giving you a perfect vantage point for dealing with seasonal shifts in demand.

–           Expand the toolbox

As people, we are all creatures of habit. Once we learn how to use a certain tool, we continue to use it until it no longer works. We often fail to stop and investigate if there may be a better tool for the job, and when we do consider changing tools we worry about the disruption that the change might cause. But with the help of a systemisation project, we can learn new ways to achieve better results – while limiting any short-term damage.

–           Improve, improve, improve

When the business is less busy with producing output, it is the ideal time to work on improving processes and internal systems. This is when you can take the time to step away from the daily tasks, to evaluate quality or performance issues and find ways to deal with them. By implementing these improvements, you will then be well equipped for tackling the busier period later in the year.

It’s clear that we have a thing or two to learn from Mother Nature; no one season is the same as another. By uncovering the bio-rhythm of our business, we can take the stress and the worry out of the equation and start bringing maximum productivity every month of the year.

Don’t face another slow period alone

If you’re one of the many business owners who dread the slow trudge through the winter, don’t miss the opportunity to systemise now! We’re standing by to share our knowledge and guidance for a smarter, more efficient and profitable business.

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‘Tis the season to systemise