Keep it Simple, Stupid

So many businesses have unnecessarily complicated systems, and often both business owners and their employees assume that is just the way it has to be. Businesses are complex, right?

To these people, we would say: Keep it Simple, Stupid.

OK, we would never call anyone stupid. But we would like to draw your attention to the KISS principle. Some might say Keep it Super Simple, some might say Keep it Simple and Straightforward. Whatever your preference, the concept is the same – aim for simplicity and avoid complexity.


Because things actually work better if they are simple. And that is what the KISS principle is all about.

The KISS principle

The KISS principle has been around for over 60 years. The story goes that designers working on fighter planes were told to keep things as simple as possible, so that soldiers out fighting in the field could repair them if necessary.

Since then the idea has rung true not only with engineers, but with people across a range of professions, including web designers, marketeers and, you guessed it, business systemisation experts.

The truth of the matter is that every business has systems, whether you realise it or not. These systems need not (and should not) be complicated. If they are, you’re doing something wrong, because business systems should make your life easier – not harder.

Are your business systems simple?

With this in mind, take a cold, hard look at your business systems and consider whether they could be made simpler. Remember that just because a particular process has been done the same way for decades, does not make it the right way.

There might be an incredibly easy solution to a roadblock that has been troubling you for years. This was the case for one of our clients who was struggling to get their 150-page employee handbooks signed off. After standardising the document into a three-page questionnaire, their sign-off time dropped from three months to 1 week. This didn’t require anything complex, and it made a necessary task much simpler for all involved.

Alternatively, there might be a piece of software, app or workflow tool that would make your processes run more smoothly. If you’re a technophobe, the very thought might make you run for the hills. Yet so many tasks can be standardised and automated now, so much so that your involvement won’t actually be necessary. If it is, the right training will quickly have you up to scratch, leaving you more time to work on your business, rather than in it.

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Often it takes a fresh perspective to identify where things are going wrong. That is where we can help. As business systemisation experts, we can analyse your business systems and processes, highlighting any unnecessary complications. We can then advise how to keep it simple, implementing bespoke tools if necessary.

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The ‘KISS’ Principle.
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