How to systemise your business standardise


The next step is to standardise all of the documents needed to support your business systems.

We do this on your behalf by producing a Standard Operating Procedures Manual that is tailored to your business. This might include templates, instructions, check lists, workflows, job descriptions and how-to videos.

Having these documents at your fingertips will save time and ensure that everyone in your business is carrying out set tasks in a predetermined way. This guarantees compliance and quality standards across the board.

Having standardised documents also removes the need to think. If someone on your team has never undertaken a particular task before, they simply need to follow the instructions and procedures that are in place.

That way, you do not have to micro-manage everyone. You can also employ new people, safe in the knowledge that they will have the guidance needed to perform their role.




“People come and go but the systems remain constant.”
Michael Gerber

How to systemise your business templates


Create checklists and templates for all key tasks.



How to systemise your business how-to

How to's

Document activities that must be followed correctly.



How to systemise your business job-descriptions

Job Descriptions

Task based alignment statement, for each role define within the sub processes.