A picture explains a thousand words, so together we will build a visual process map of your whole business operation. This is one of the major benefits of business process mapping it provides you full visibility of your end to end processes. Giving you clarity of how your business operates in its simplest form.

This is also the foundation of standardising and automating your business activities and will bring to life:

Your organisation and how each area of your business operation interlinks.

The independencies between departments and possible pinch points.

Explain how one basic job could involve a number of steps and in each one of those the number of dependencies or decisions to be made.

Identify the tools you currently have in place and what you may need in the future

Identify any knowledge or skills gaps.

'In absence of processes people will make their own'



When all parts of your business have been defined, joined up and its processes are mapped and in sync.  We’ll then identify the supporting documentation required to create the systems.

We’ll then align these to your processes top to bottom and across  to produce a Standard Operating Procedures Manual.  Which could include, for example;

Templates, Instructions and Checklists, Detailed workflows

Infographics, How to videos and Job descriptions

You’ll then have a comprehensive system of documents that support your business processes. If someone has never undertaken a job or task before they can follow your simple procedures to ensure compliance and quality standards.

Systemisation drives a business forward.  When implemented your workload and stress decreases because you have empowered your team.

'A simple system removes the need to have to think. The system will show you or tell you what is next'



Once your business systems are documented, the final part of the journey is to simplify further and automate those laborious non-income generating or non value-add tasks.

Working to maximise the existing capabilities or perhaps introducing you to some new cost-effective collaborative cloud-based tools.  We’ll create bespoke workflows and a database that captures all your important data.  With functionality to auto schedule tasks or reminders,  generating actions and instructions when milestones are achieved. And even email or text your stakeholders so you don’t have to, saving you time and energy.

We’ll take care of the workflow development, cleanse all of your existing data for completeness, creating the new data build, the implementation and GO LIVE of your new toolset.  We’ll train you and your team on the new systems and even produce how-to videos to help you.

Once integrated you’ll have the ability to auto-generate reports or view the live data in the form of dashboard reporting. Thus keeping an eye on those all-important business key performance indicators. To ensure your on track, we’ll show you how to manage, by exception, only needing to focus on those underperforming areas.  Your business will run almost on autopilot!

As a business owner, you need to manage the process and not the tasks - allowing your entrepreneurial skills to create, innovate and work on the business rather than in your business.

A systemised business tailor made for you


If you want more, better or different in your business then you need to do different



Richard was AWESOME coming to my aid over the weekend, he was able to remove the ‘fog’ from my business and provide instant clarity, lifting a huge burden off me.

Wendy Clarke - TRGC


Richard's knowledge in field of systems is exceptional ! The way he extracted information and converted it into easy-to-follow manual is extraordinary

Sara Wilde - Distinct


If you have a project which needs the voice of sanity, a need for some clarity or, as in my case, a beacon in the fog Richard really should be on speed-dial in your business.

Phil Jackson - Bravo