At i-systemise we are great advocates of workflow tools, but most are lacking one key ingredient – visibility.

This is because workflow tools are typically computer-based, meaning all your data is stuck within the technology itself. Unless you use dashboard reporting, it can be very difficult to get an overview as to how each task is progressing through the various milestones and stages.

A T-card system can help you overcome this problem.

What is a T-card system?

A T-card system, also known as a Kanban system, is when you create a workflow chart on a wall. It can look however you want it to, and you are free to get as creative as you like!

Normally there will be a series of columns from left to right, each of which indicates a certain milestone, stage or time frame. You then write each task or project on an individual card and stick it in the relevant column. As the project progresses, you move the card along the wall accordingly.

It is an incredibly simple system and doesn’t require any technical software or even a computer. In fact, all you need to get started is a pen, some post-it notes and a wall. So it doesn’t matter what your size, budget, business or industry. We have seen T-cards used by those working on a shoestring, and by those rolling out multi-million-pound projects, all to great effect.

What are the benefits of a T-card system?

T-card systems give you complete end-to-end visibility of your workflow in a way that few other tools can. A mere glance will tell you the status of each project. And because it’s up on the wall for everyone to see, rather than stored away in a file on your computer, it means there are no excuses. Every member of staff can see what is coming down through the workflow. This improves collaboration, reduces confusion and minimises mistakes.

T-card system in action

We recently introduced the concept of a T-card to one of our clients. As a letting agency, they needed to track each of their properties through the various stages of a rental.

We therefore assigned a column to each step of the letting process, starting with taking on a new property, and ending with tenant check-out. On each card we wrote an address, and we had different coloured cards depending on the type of property, such as whether it was a two-bed, three-bed or four-bed. Then we allocated each card to a column depending on the status of the rental. These were moved along as the rental progressed through each stage.

Suddenly the whole office had visibility across the whole portfolio of 150 properties. A quick look revealed a wealth of information, such as how many new properties they were taking on, how many had maintenance issues and how many tenants were checking out.

As a result, those who were responsible for each stage could see what was coming along the pipeline, making them better prepared. Office chatter was also reduced, as questions no longer needed to be asked – the answers were up there on the wall for all to see. All this, just from a few coloured cards stuck to the wall!

Get started with your T-card system

A T-card system is a simple and cost-effective way of managing your workflow. There are various offerings out there, such as this system which you can get from Amazon.

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How the T-Card System can Help your Business.
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