CASE STUDY – A simple questionnaire was all it took for an HR company to significantly improve their productivity.


We carried out a Productivity Health Check for an HR company which was responsible for onboarding new employees on behalf of their clients.


Richard met with the HR company and, during the course of an entire morning, performed a Productivity Health Check. During this assessment, it became clear that one of the major setbacks the company was facing was the sign-off of employee handbooks.

Every time the HR company took on a new client, it had to create an employee handbook for that particular business. This is a legal document that informs employees of their legal rights. The problem was that the HR company was producing handbooks that consisted of 150 A4 pages full of technical jargon and complicated employment law.

Their clients needed to review and approve this document, but not surprisingly, they were reluctant to do so. The HR company would try to entice their clients to review it, even resorting to offers of tea and chocolate. But despite their best efforts, it was taking an average of three months for an employee handbook to be signed off.


On further questioning, Richard discovered that there were only 30 items within the handbook that had variables and which needed to be agreed with the client. The rest was based in the terms of employment law, which neither the client nor the HR company could influence.

Richard came up with the idea of extracting these 30 variable items, which covered business-specific benefits such as holiday entitlement and sick pay, and standardising them into a simple questionnaire. Soon all the questions were summarised into a very simple three-page document.


Once the questionnaire was implemented, the sign-off time for employee handbooks dropped from an average of three months to just one week. In many cases, the client was able to give their approval by a return of email.

As a result, the HR company found they were no longer chasing their clients for sign offs, leaving them more time to focus on other, more important income generating tasks – such as taking on more work.

Their clients were also happy because they did not have to approve a 150-page document, and they felt the HR company was more proficient and easier to do business with.

Can’t see the wood from the trees?

As this case study demonstrates, it can be incredibly beneficial to have someone independent assess your business problems, as often they can see the answer straight away. If you are too close to your business, it can be difficult to get the perspective needed to identify issues and come up with solutions. As the old saying goes, you cannot see the wood from the trees.

This is where our Productivity Health Check comes into play. During this health check, Richard will meet with you and ask a series of questions to understand what tools, systems and processes your business is using. This will give him a better insight into the workings and frustrations of your business. He can then offer advice and practical solutions to improve collaboration, promote communication and increase overall productivity.

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Client Sign-Off Process Improves from 3 Months to 1 Week