About Richard Linden

About - Richard

Hi, I’m Richard Linden

I am Owner and Founder of i-systemise, a business systemisation consultancy. I work with people like you; busy entrepreneurs wanting to grow your business but who have hit a glass ceiling. Suffocated by a ton of low-level processes and stuff. I help you map and manage good business systems so you can breathe, stretch, diversify and do all the things you love. Because every task in life has a process which can be managed to make each day easier and fun…

My approach is to…

Make processes light-touch and enabling, serving not suffocating you.

Act as a ‘beacon in the fog’ as one client told me. In the 1st hour of our 1st meeting, I start to define, map and document your systems. By lunchtime clients and teams have clarity are thinking more strategically. I don’t ask you to document your own systems as I will do the heavy lifting for you.

Be easy to talk to and work with. Let you start small or take the full service. It’s your business. It’s a modular process. You can start with the helicopter view. Then drill down into processes, subprocesses. Then finally into the tools to manage the processes.

My own Journey to Entrepreneurship

As a kid I loved constructing things from Lego bricks, taking them apart and reassembling them so they worked better together. Business systemisation uses the same approach; I discovered a way to help entrepreneurs innovate, deconstruct and reconstruct systems and processes which match growth aspirations. Using every aspect of my journey.

Richard Linden

‘I turn time consuming complex business  systems into an easy to implement robust formula’ 


My personal journey took me from public school to bricklayer and concreter, learning about good foundations. Then a Combat Engineer in the British Army, learning courage, resourcefulness and attention to detail. Finally successful Project Manager at Vodafone and Nokia, managing multimillion pound investment projects. But my heart was not in large Corporates but in being an Entrepreneur helping smaller businesses to grow. And the freedom to do more of what I love; being with my young family, outdoor sports, travelling , reading and personal development . So I quit the day job Christmas 2013 to found my first business, Linden Properties and now LindenComms Ltd. I followed my passion and my heart.

My journey brings me back to my earlier career, learning to build solid foundations in the construction industry. I believe good systems and processes are the bricks and mortar needed to support your growing business. Giving you the kind of freedom which made you an entrepreneur in the first place. And the free time to enjoy it #Freedom loves systems

For a no obligation discussion on how I can help you map and implement the best business system infrastructure, call me on 07771 775741